Likely Means People Are Looking

It likely means people are looking at your post over and over. That’s a good thing. It shows that your target audience finds your content memorable. Reach vs. Impressions on different social networks not every platform defines them in exactly the same way. Let’s break down what reach and impressions mean on different social networks. Facebook on facebook. Reach defines how many people saw content from your facebook page. Or about your facebook page for example. A post you were tagge in. Impressions refer to the number of times content from or about your page entere someone’s screen. That could be in their news fee. Through search. Or because they intentionally navigate to your page. If you’re running facebook ads. You’ll be able to slice impressions by paid vs. Organic. Too.

Including Multiple Views from the Same User

Instagram post insights overview and instagram defines accounts reached as the number of unique accounts who have seen your content on-screen at least once. Instagram impressions are pretty standard; it’s the number of times your content was seen. Including multiple views from the same user. Within the instagram app. You can view reach and impressions over the last 7 days. 

The last 30 days. The previous business lead month. Or the last 90 days. You can also break it down by audience demographics like gender. Location. And age. Tiktok tiktok analytics traffic source types and audience territories on tiktok. Reache audience tells you the number of unique users who watche your videos.

Twitter Shows You Its Total Impressions

Tiktok’s term for impressions is “total video views. This tells you how many times each of your tiktoks was seen. Twitter tweet activity impressions engage detail and expands new followers on each tweet. Twitter shows you its total impressions. Meaning how many times it appears on a user’s fee or in search results. 

If you turn on twitter’s native Mobile List analytics. You can see your total impressions over the last 7 days. 28 days. Or in a specific month. Unfortunately. Twitter doesn’t calculate reach. Linkein linkein discovery and engagements on linkein. You can view how many impressions you got on each post. While the platform doesn’t have a deicate reach metric. You can see how many people have viewe your profile in the last 28 days.

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