What is an Abandoned Cart

In the ecommerce sector, online purchases that remain unfinished for any reason are called “abandoned cart” . That is, the user has entered the store and has started the purchase process by depositing. One or more products in the cart, but has not taken all the necessary steps to formalize the conversion.

For ecommerce owners, an abandoned cart is a source of doubt: what is failing in our store and what do we need to do to make that cart a customer? Before answering this question, there are two points that we need to be clear about.

Reasons why a potential customer abandons a cart

To solve the problem of abandoned carts, the first thing Mexico B2B List we have to do is understand the reasons that make a user abandon a cart. These are the most important:

Shipping costs or delivery times are excessive. According to a Moonsend study, this is the main reason for cart abandonment. Since it accounts for 60% of abandonments worldwide. The is too complicated. You ask for too much data, you don’t have your client’s preferred payment method, there are too many intermediate pages to get to the checkout… and the result is that the user has gotten frustrated and left without buying.

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How to analyze the metrics

This metric represents the number of visits to your website where the customer added at least one product to the cart. Regardless of whether or not they completed the purchase afterwards. For clarity, we should only count one cart per customer per visit. Even if you have added multiple products.

Abandoned Carts – The number Mobile List of potential customers who added products to their cart and did not complete an order within 24 hours. Recoverable Carts : Number of potential customers who left an abandoned cart and for whom you have some contact information, such as an email address, that allows you to contact them again to carry out recovery strategies.

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