Elon Musk’s latest fragrant idea a $100 perfume that smells like burning hair

Elon Musk ‘s mind is in a permanent state of boiling. New ideas never stop emerging from the gray matter of the South African businessman. And Musk’s latest idea is strongly permeated by the extravagant character of the Tesla CEO. Yesterday, Musk announced on Twitter the launch of a new perfume called “Burnt Hair.” And after the surprising announcement of him. The one who could become the new owner of Twitter proceeded to change his biography on the blue bird’s social network to inform the world of what seems to be his new profession perfume seller.

The CEO of Tesla took to Twitter with several messages

Humorous nature about what is top industry data apparently his new invention. Which costs $100 and of which 20,000 units have already been sold. Or so says at least good old Elon Musk. Whose fragrance is for all genders and is apparently ideal for “to get noticed when you go through an airport.” “Burnt Hair,” which gives off a disgusting fragrance of burnt hair and mimics the smell of “leaning over candles on a table. But without the hard work,” is sold on the website of The Boring Company. The businessman’s tunneling company. South African. A flamethrower is also for sale on that website. Which could be the source of inspiration for Burnt Hair.

Elon Musk has already pocketed two million dollars with his “Burnt Hair” perfume

However, and although the perfume Mobile List in question is already on sale, “Burnt Hair” will not reach its customers until the first quarter of 2023. So we will have to wait a little to see if it actually smells like burnt hair. and lives up to its name. Elon Musk has boasted on Twitter about the meteoric success achieved by “Burnt Hair” and has also encouraged his followers on the social network to continue buying bottles of the perfume in order to be able to face the purchase of the microblogging network . In view of the warm reception of the product. The CEO of Tesla has also regretted not having entered the cosmetics and fragrances market sooner. A market that could make the cheetah as rich (or more) than electric cars. .

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