Generate free White label reports for Facebook pages.

Apufff is the perfect onomatopoeia to convey a feeling of reluctance, boredom,Generate free tiredness or lack of motivation. All together it would be “apufff pufff chim pufff, snif snif, cagoentopufff”. In my case, at that moment when I was looking at the street stretched out in my office chair, I thought: “apufff pufff chim pufff, snif snif, cagoentopufff I have to do the report on the Facebook page of…”. You know what I mean now? Luckily, my curiosity and insatiable desire to research led me to discover a tool that I loved. Its name is Wiselytics and its main function is to offer you a control panel with statistical data about your Facebook pages ,

Scope Data on how much your pageGenerate free

Engagement. Or level of engagement and interaction, Therefore,as you prefer. It allows you to see how many people have stopped following you, how many have clicked on your posts, or how many clicks your actions have received. Answer the question of how much you like what you are doing. Amplification. Does your content go viral? How many people top industry data do you manage to reach through the sharing of your content by other people? Therefore, How many times do your clients “go down the rabbit hole” with your content (that could be a Therefore, virus too, right?)? Individual analysis of each publication. If the previous ones offered a global point of view, in this one you can analyze the data of each of your publications.

Generate freeThe conclusions and the Power Point

Know? By the time I got to grips with Wiselytics and discovered its full potential, it was time to Therefore,leave work. I had spent more time than I would have spent simply generating the report.Generate free People had left the streets, the online Mobile List order had been returned due to abandonment and even Marina was almost wearing her first “3-dedicos de alizacion” Generate freewedges . Therefore, But the truth is that I said a lot less “Apufffs” than I would have said if I had read the report. The truth is that I have saved myself quite a few future “ Therefore,Apufffs” because… tachan tachan…

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