Inbound Marketing What It Is How It Works & How Ahrefs Does It

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to pull customers in with relevant and useful content. Coined by HubSpot’s founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the goal of inbound marketing is creating content to: Attract potential customers. Engage and teach how your product or service can solve their problem. Delight by going above and beyond to help them find success with your product. Together, they work like a flywheel.

How to do inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is our core marketing strategy at Ahrefs. We create helpful content that teaches our customers . SEO and digital marketing while promoting our product, exactly like the post you’re reading now. Here’s how we use inbound marketing at Ahrefs: Attract Ranking in organic search is the main way we industry email list attract potential customers. We chose this  Cchannel for two  reasons: Consistent traffic – By ranking for topics people search for, we can attract traffic to our content month after month. Highly targeted – By writing about the problems our product helps to solve, we attract the right people at the . Right time. For example, we rank #1 for “how to do affiliate marketing

According to Google Search Console, this post has attracted 58,000 clicks over the past three months

All of these people are potential customers because they’ll struggle to do affiliate . Marketing without a keyword research tool like Ahrefs. To find the best topics to write about, we do keyword research. Here’s the proces.  Go to Ahref. Keywords Explorer Enter a term relevant to your business or product Go to the Matching terms report Mobile List Matching terms report, via Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer This report shows you all the keywords containing the topic, sorted by popularity. Go through the report and pick out those that have business potential. Business potential is essentially . How easy it is to pitch your product while tackling a topic. How the Ahrefs team

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