How to use a feed manager

Have different specifications for product feeds. For example, in Merchant Center you have to include if the product is new or used as part of the feed attributes, while in other platforms this field is not important. The result is that if you sell on different platforms, you have to adapt your feed to each of them. Doing this process by hand is very inefficient, and the reason for having a feed is to automate and simplify. How can we automate and simplify this process? With a feed management tool .

Feed management tools

Allow you to optimize all your product Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List information, for example, exclude out-of-stock products, add or extract information in the title and description, create or edit texts, and much more. The tool itself will indicate what data you need in each channel, so you will have the confidence of always sending useful and complete information. Channels available. It is essential that the feed manager is compatible with the export channels you want to use. In general, the more you have, the better.

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Price. Logically

You need to find a tool that suits your budget. You must also take into account the method of payment and permanence and if it includes Mobile List unlimited free support (the best to avoid surprises). Update frequency. Depending on the needs of your store and demand spikes, you may need to update your tool several times a day. Be sure to check what rate of updates the feed manager supports. Complementary functions, for example, order management with marketplaces, tools to design text ads or synchronization with analytics.

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