Generate free Facebook reports in Power Point for your clients

In this post I tell you a tool that will help you generate free Power Point reports on Facebook pages… and how I turned an “Apufff” into a “Yujuu!”. I stretched out on the back of my chair, looked out the window and noticed that the weather was wonderful. People were walking through the streets of Gran Vía and I remembered that I had to pick up an online order and some shoes for Marina. Apufff. I took a deep breath, thought about all the things I had read about personal productivity and what they call “focus” and I resigned myself to a task that only awakened in me one feeling: Apufff.

Why should you send monthly reports to your clients?

My goodness, a post about my flaws would be almost as long as the director’s cut of Don Quixote’s extended version, plus category email list ultra, like Ariel but blacker than firebrand. Amos, I wouldn’t give you my life to even scan it, neither in F nor in I. Let me tell you. Oh well. Let me tell you one of them: I hate generating reports for my clients . Truly, it is beyond my strength. It’s like cleaning the car, vacuuming under the couch, or even matching your socks, I swear. You know you have to do it, yeah. But… Apufff, how lazy (take me to the dance). [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Creating Facebook reports for your clients is like matching socks.[/piopialo]

Have to layout it and make it understandable and beautifu

However. Just like cleaning the car, vacuuming under the sofa or matching socks, [piopialo]sending reports to your clients is an unavoidable requirement if you seek their total satisfaction[/piopialo]. Yes, they may end up in a forgotten drawer, but you have to do it. Whether accompanying the invoice, as proof of why you are paying that Mobile List money or as part of the planning of the new cycle (month), a status report marks a milestone and makes your client more aware that they are facing an improvement process. continuous and measurable . Furthermore, on your client, it will have the same effect as when you set closer goals for yourself. Instead of seeing a long and infinite process, perceive and value the (monthly) steps that are taken. Perceive the evolution.

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