What Are Hubspot Integrations?

HubSpot is a tool that basically allows you to manage content (CMS) and manage customer relations . In order to be able to carry out these tasks in a simple and practical way. HubSpot allows you to integrate other software or applications. This is precisely what HubSpot integrations consist of. Adding functionalities to the website that facilitate the management of both content and clients and that everything remains connected .

All this means that through HubSpot there will be a link or those tools that are being used to manage content and clients will be connected, so that all the data can be consulted from the same place.

Top 20 HubSpot Integrations

Through Drift you can also see the activity and life cycle of the user, as well as detect possible errors on the site or aspects that may make purchasing or browsing difficult. It is undoubtedly a way to obtain valuable data for marketing campaigns whose objective is to sell.

Proposify is an application that facilitates the creation of commercial proposals through templates, which can be customized and Sweden B2B List adapted to the needs of the moment. Through this software it is also possible to have relevant data regarding how the campaign is going, such as how many people have opened the emails, or you can also access all the contacts, as well as keep track of them. It is a very useful tool to monitor and control how purchase sales change over a period of time.

B2B Email List

How HubSpot integrations can help you

There are also automated customer service lines . Which is where advice and solutions to common problems are offered. In this case, you do Mobile List not deal directly with a technician or person. But you get automatic responses. This is a very useful customer service for solving frequently asked questions, but not for very specific problems. The ideal is to offer an alternative so that the client can contact the company if they have not been able to obtain a clear answer to their problem.

Drif allows real-time conversations with users or customers who are browsing the website. This is a very useful tool to offer help to visitors, which can lead to increased conversions.

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