40 Ideas Para Acciones Comerciales

El primer paso para vender más y mejor es entender qué necesitan nuestros clientes potenciales en cada momento. Para ello, tendrás que tener claro cuál es el recorrido de los clientes desde que entran en contacto con la marca por primera  vez hasta que se fidelizan.Crea un buyer persona. El buyer persona es un retrato semificticio de tu cliente ideal, centrado en sus necesidades y motivaciones de compra, que te ayudará a identificar lo que realmente necesitan tus clientes y cómo ofrecérselo.Investiga las tendencias de tu sector. Utiliza herramientas como Google Trends para ver cuáles son las últimas tendencias de contenidos o las inquietudes que realmente preocupan a tus clientes potenciales.

Mapea tu customer journey

Focus on the customers with the most potential . Not all clients are created equal. And some turn out to be much more profitable in the long Antigua and Barbuda B2B List run than others. Analyzing consumer behavior helps us predict. What the median potential lifetime value of a customer. Is and make better marketing decisions.  This classic tool allows you to see what your differential factors are compared. To the competition in order to focus your communication on them.

B2B Email List

This is one of the most effective commercial actions

Since many times it deals with users. Who only need a little push to convert. Create a lead magnet . This tactic consists of offering Mobile List your site visitors valuable content in exchange for their email. So you can capture new leads to do email marketing. Keep an eye on your competition… and beat them. As we mentioned before, ecommerce has become a very competitive sector, but this can work in your favor if you focus on monitoring what other similar stores are doing and looking for ways to improve it.


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