Other Attribution Models That Can Be Used in Ecommerce

There is another attribution model in ecommerce that can be very useful. It is known as a data-driven model . It is very common that, before making a purchase or other valuable action. Users click on different ads or interact with them in different ways. This model assigns the value of each touch point based on how customers have interacted to determine which ads. Campaigns, or keywords contribute the most to reaching your goals.

The data-based attribution model is special because it can help you choose the ecommerce attribution models that are best for you from among all those that we have named in the previous point.

There is No Single Ideal Model

Each ecommerce attribution model gives value to a different circumstance. In this context, it is normal for you to wonder what is the best attribution model in ecommerce, but there is no correct answer, since everything will depend on your business Honduras B2B List model. For example, if your strategy is for your customers to buy only one product per purchase, the ideal ecommerce attribution model for you will be different from the business that is based on selling several products at once. In the first case, the conversion path will be easier and it may be better for you to look at a first-click model, while in the second, it will be more complex and have more points of contact with the customer.

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Always keep in mind the Life Time Value

The Life time Value or Value of the client’s life time is a metric that analyzes the income that a person generates during the time they have Mobile List been our client. Having this concept clear, it is obvious that the information that customers with a high Life Time Value can give us can be worth up to 20 times more than the information of a customer with a low LTV. Customers who return and buy regularly from our brand are those who, as a general rule, have a higher Life Time Value. Don’t you think they deserve much more attention.

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