What are the most used attribution models in ecommerce

This model gives more value to the first point of contact that a customer has with the brand. If, for example, their first interaction was clicking on an ad from one of your campaigns. This action is considered the one that converts the most. It is perfect for stores with few products and with very powerful inbound marketing. Because using this model you will achieve great success by taking your customers through the sales funnel. If, on the contrary, the client performs several searches throughout his journey or there is no established path that he must follow, this model will not be as useful for you.

Last click model (Las touch or Last click)

This model is the opposite of the previous one, since it gives more importance. To the last point of contact before the purchase is made by Haiti B2B List the customer. The last click model will help you to know which routes help reinforce the purchase idea that the customer had at the beginning. It’s perfect for stores with short buying cycles that last less than a day. But instead, it can cause you to miss the opportunity to influence those who are in the first stage of the sales funnel.

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Linear model :

In this case, each contact point has the same value. On the one hand, this model is very useful to know the main touch points that work well Mobile List in your company. It can even help you learn about some important touch points that the first-click-last-click model has missed. Normally, with these two models, the intermediate touch points are often overlooked. Which are very important in the conversion paths. As a counterpart, the linear model can err on the side. Of overestimating these medium contact points and underestimating others located at the extremes.

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