The perception of value

Finally, let’s talk about the difference between value and price . In my daily life, I usually receive clients with the intention of setting up an e-commerce website thinking that the battle is always fought on the price. Once I even received a client who planned to sell at a price below cost for a year “to create a brand.” I told him that the project was super interesting and we started planning. When I asked him about the customer service and after-sales service, he told me that at that price nothing at all. I abandoned the project. Remember this: the battle is not always played on price . You can sell more expensively than your competition if your product provides more value because, in reality, price confronts the perception of value in our decision process .

On many occasions, we cannot lower

Yes, there is, but not competing on price. Increase the value of your product by highlighting other aspects that justify its higher price. For the attention, for the after-sales service, for the care, for the closeness, for the accessories you incorporate. Etc. Don’t fall into the price war, build your own version industry email list of a product and, because you are the only one that offers that version, you have the right to set the price you want. Final. That’s it! Has it been too long for you? I hope not. For me it has been a pleasure, an honor and I have had a lot of fun. But I am sure that I will have more fun discussing with you, if you feel like it, some impressions and experiences about Neuromarketing.

Before finishing, I would

To thank Celia for inviting me to create this text for her course and much more for allowing me to publish it (once the course was finished) on my blog. And… well, in case you hadn’t noticed… I’m back from vacation! With a lot of energy, renewed, desire and posts in basins (I say). Now it’s your Mobile List turn, if you feel like it and you’re not busy… What do you think about these tips? Have you heard about Neuromarketing? Are you for or against this science? (If I don’t ask, I’ll burst) Are you into Boxers or Briefs?

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