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The hard stage of High School begins. This caused Insider’s Guide my niches to continue generating passive income but I did not touch them , which was a big mistake on my part. So, the first thing I began to delegate was the creation of the content of my web pages since before classes started, in the summer, I had created a database in Excel with many niches to address. Niches with little competition and a lot of traffic (which are still in this state, but I haven’t had enough time to attack them all). My goal was to set up large -style authority portals , but of course, I don’t have enough resources to create that piece of digital beast.

Current opinion is Insider's Guide that Google eats them less

I first started looking into writing top industry data agencies, but realized that hiring a writer directly would be cheaper. However, my surprise was tremendous. I met exploited people who sold their work very cheap and when I asked them why they did it, they told me that it was because no one wanted to pay more. Although another day we can debate the ethics or otherwise of this, the reality is that the only way they had to make ends meet was to spend their lives working. On the other hand, I decided to try the issue of automatic websites and my current opinion is that Google eats them less and less.

Looking for a way to create an alternative

To be honest, automated websites are Mobile List ┬ávery attractive because they give the sensation of quick results, but something I have learned in life is that what comes quickly, goes quickly. In Google’s latest Core Update we have been able to see how these types of websites have been seriously affected, especially those dedicated to Amazon affiliation. Looking for a way to create an alternative to editors, thinking about my limited resources at the beginning, the lack of time I had later because I am a student, together with my great desire to scale the niche business in the long term, avoiding the use of low-quality content or even stolen content through translations, was how.

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